New to D365 Business Central? Get Started with a Navigation Overview

Navigation Overview

Starting any new journey in life is never easy. The old saying “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it” tends to hold true and it is no different getting started with a new ERP system. Luckily, we are here to help.

Before you dive right in, it would be highly recommended in any new endeavor to review the basics, and then build on them. In the below video, we have reviewed everything you will need to know at a high level the first time you log in to Business Central. The topics we cover in the video include:

Search Bar - One of the most powerful tools in Business Central. The search bar allows you to quickly and easily navigate to any page, task, report, etc. within BC.

Favorites Bar - Find yourself constantly searching for the same thing? Put it in your favorites bar.

Role Centers - Tailor your user experience to the role you work in (Accounting, Warehousing, Purchasing, etc.) but remember, Roles do not give you security.

Filters - Too much noise? Narrow your search results down by using Filters in Business Central.

Saved Views - Constantly using the same filters? Save it as a saved view in Business Central.

Filter Shortcuts - Need more functionality, we review all the shortcuts that will make you more efficient in BC.

Personalization - Build your own unique windows and pages by personalizing your page.

Help & Support - Hate always having to reach out for help? Start by checking out the Help Section. This will give you more quick tips and tricks for the window you are on.



Have additional questions? Contact us at ERP Connect Consulting; we’ll be happy to support your journey with D365 Business Central.

ERP Connect Consulting provides full Solution Design, Implementation, Extension Development, and Support for $195/hour. For our full service offerings, check out our Services Page. To increase productivity and work with Business Central more efficiently, check out some of our Add-On Product Extensions. Looking to outsource some of your day to day finance and accounting functions such as bookkeeping, monthly reconciliation, and reporting – we help with that too.

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