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Advanced Prepayments

Advanced Prepayments

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Advanced Prepayments

Advanced Prepayments (APM) allows users to quickly interact with prepayments for customers inside of Business Central. Not only does it allow easier management of prepayments and applications but also gives users greater visibility into their customer balances for prepayments and invoices.

Customer Prepayments, Deposits, and Retainers


  • Allows Prepayments at a Customer Level
  • Treats Prepayments as a pool of funds rather than having to individually assign prepayments to specific invoices and lines
  • Books prepayments to AR and Deferred Revenue (Typically a Balance Sheet Liability Account)
    • When paid will Debit Cash and Credit AR
  • As prepayment retainer funds are utilized on future Sales Orders/Invoices it will Debit Deferred Revenue and Credit Revenue, leaving the receivable amount on the invoice as $0
    • Have the ability to also skip using prepayment funds on orders/invoices if you want on a transaction by transaction basis
    • Have the ability to use funds to pay the order/invoice partially.


Sales Order Prepayments - Enhanced Flexibility


  • Allows prepayments at an order level or job level
  • Does not lock down lines after the prepayment is invoiced or received
  • Added flexibility allows users to work with prepayment invoices in a more efficient manner



  • Ability to generate prepayment balance lines on documents - shows them how much they have remaining when they receive the document
  • Ability to view AR Dashboard for Customer Prepayments
  • Ability to view AP Dashboard for Vendor Prepayments



Download from AppSource Access Setup and User Guide

The AppSource download includes a 30-day evaluation license automatically installed at no charge. If you would prefer to download a PTE version of this extension, please reach out to

Advanced Prepayments - Setup and Overview

Advanced Prepayments - Toolbox Tuesday Demo



Setup and Overview


Advanced Prepayments Setup



Customer Prepayments, Deposits, and Retainers 


Advanced Prepayments Customer Deposits and Retainers



Sales Order/Invoice Prepayments


Advanced Prepayments Sales Order and Invoice Prepayments



Accounts Receivable Dashboard


Advanced Prepayments Accounts Receivable Dashboard



Excel Prepayment Summary Export


Excel Prepayment Summary Export