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ERP Connect Consulting

Advanced Purchasing

Advanced Purchasing

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Advanced Purchasing


  • Enhanced Emailing – Enhanced Emailing of Purchase Quotes, Orders, Return Orders, Credit Memos with Email Templates.
  • Attaching Docs to Email – option to indicated what attached documents to include in emails for PO/PQ/PRO/PCM.
  • Late PO Receipt Dashboard – Dashboard to view POs that are late being received and follow-up email blasts to vendors. (can also be run from Job queue).
  • Item Vendor – Enhanced Item Vendor showing last purchase date/qty/unit cost with drill down to entries.
  • Auto Create SKU option, including Option to build from historical transactions.
  • Auto Create Item Vendor Option, including Option to build from historical transactions.
  • Item Vendor Factbox can be displayed on Sales Order/ Quote, Purchase Order/Quote, and Item Card
  • Auto Calculation Item Vendor Lead Time – ability to have system calculate on each receipt the average lead time for that item/vendor.
  • Purchase Tasks – ability to create and track Purchase Tasks (similar to CRM Tasks for Advanced CRM)
  • Purchase Quote Worksheets – ability to generate Purchase Quotes based off Sales Quotes/Orders, Job Quotes/Orders, Requisition Lines, then auto select vendors based on best price or delivery.
  • Recurring Purchase Orders and Purchase Invoices


Download from AppSource Access Setup and User Guide

The AppSource download includes a 30-day evaluation license automatically installed at no charge. If you would prefer to download a PTE version of this extension, please reach out to

Advanced Purchasing - Setup and Overview

Advanced Purchasing - Toolbox Tuesday

Item Vendor Insights


Advanced Purchasing - Item Vendor Insights - ERP Connect Consulting



Auto Calculate Item Vendor Lead Times and Reorder Points


Advanced Purchasing - Auto Calculate Item Vendor Lead Times and Reorder Points - ERP Connect Consulting



Vendor PO Follow Ups


Advanced Purchasing - Vendor PO Follow Ups - ERP Connect Consulting



Purchase Quote Worksheet


Advanced Purchasing - Purchase Quote Worksheet - ERP Connect Consulting



Recurring Purchase Orders and Invoices


Advanced Purchasing - Recurring Purchase Orders and Invoices - ERP Connect Consulting