Advanced Assembly BOMs

Advanced Assembly BOMs

Advanced Assembly BOMs (AAB) gives user the ability to create assembly orders without needing full blown production inside of Business Central. By using Advanced Assembly BOMs, you now have the ability to quickly assemble (and disassemble) items in Business Central at a set interval or on the fly.

Use Cases

  • Ability to have different Assembly BOMs based on the Variant of the Parent Item.
  • Ability to have Start and End Date for Components on the Assembly BOM.
  • Ability to default the Location that the Component is going to be pulled from on the Assembly Order.
  • Ability to “disassemble” Components on the BOM (put back into inventory rather than consume from Inventory).
  • All the features work for doing Manual Assembly BOMs, as well as on the Planning Worksheet.
  • Planning Worksheet shows Planning BOM for Assembly.



Coming Soon!

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