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Advanced RMA

Advanced RMA

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Advanced RMA

  • Generate Return Material Authorization (RMA) from Posted Sales Invoice/Shipment (PSI) , or Posted Vendor Invoice/Shipment (PPI)
  • RMA can be used to track Return from Customer, Return to Vendor, or BOTH.
  • If RMA generated from PSI, then when it creates the RMA Lines, it will know all the base information (customer, sale date, sale price, cost, vendor info) and that will automatically be updated on the RMA.
  • User can manually override any of that data if it needs to be corrected without affecting original PSI/PPI.
  • RMA will have timeline of communication just like the CRM Contact timeline.
  • RMA will have document attachments just like CRM contact.  (we can also add zetadocs factbox to save documents too)
  • Ability to track workflow (status) of RMA, from issuance to Customer, to receiving, to crediting customer, then rma from vendor, shipment to vendor, credit from vendor (this will help to keep things from falling thru the cracks especially on the vendor side).
  • Creation of Sales Return Order and Purchase Return Order from RMA, to facilitate the receiving and shipping.
  • Extended Sales Return Order and Purchase Return Order functions for taking pictures, and have it automatically added back to the RMA.
  • Email RMA form to client along with shipping labels if needed.
  • Email RMA request to vendor.
  • RMA Card will have the same log functions as CRM – so you will be able to log call, make call, send email, log email, log note.
  • Also will have our new “Drag and Drop” section on the RMA Card, so you can drag outlook emails onto the RMA and it will log into the timeline.

Download from AppSource Access Setup and User Guide

The AppSource download includes a 30-day evaluation license automatically installed at no charge. If you would prefer to download a PTE version of this extension, please reach out to

Advanced RMA - Setup and Overview

Advanced RMA - Toolbox Tuesday - Episode 8

Advanced RMA/Case Management - Setup

Advanced RMA - Product Screenshot 1

Advanced RMA/Case Management - Case List Overview

Advanced RMA - Product Screenshot 2

Advanced RMA/Case Management - Case Card

Advanced RMA - Product Screenshot 3

Advanced RMA/Case Management - Case Card

Advanced RMA - Product Screenshot 4

Advanced RMA/Case Management - Dashboard

Advanced RMA - Product Screenshot 5