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Expense Sheets

Expense Sheets

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Expense Sheets

Expense Sheets (EPS) allows your employees to enter their expenses directly inside of D365 Business Central while streamlining expense input, expense approval, expense reimbursement, and also billing the expenses back to customers where applicable.

Employees Can Enter Their Expenses Directly in Business Central:

  • Employees can enter multiple expenses on their expense sheet.
  • Receipts and Attachments can be added per expense line on the expense sheet
  • Expenses can be marked as billable back to a customer
  • Once approved, not only will the reimbursement to the employee be generated, but the sales invoice will also be generated for the customers

 Expense Types are Fully Customizable with the Following Options:

  • Flagging the expense type as reimbursable or not
  • Requiring the expense type to have an attachment or not
  • Tagging the expense type to an "expense" GL Account
  • Tagging the expense type to a "revenue" GL account when it is billable to a customer

 Expense Approvals:

  • You can turn expense approval requirement on or off on the EPS Setup page
  • Each employee has their own expense approver
  • Expense Approvers will receive an email notification when they have an expense sheet to approve

    Other Key Points:

    • Expenses are created as a purchase invoice to the employee for reimbursement
      • Employee must be linked to a vendor in Business Central
    • Expenses marked as billable back to a customer will create a Sales Invoice to the Customer
    • Expense Sheet can be used in conjunction with ERP Connect's Project Management (PMS) Tool
      • Expenses can be linked to a project
      • Expenses will be shown on the project card
      • Create one invoice for time and expenses to the customer together

      Download from AppSource Access Setup and User Guide

      The AppSource download includes a 30-day evaluation license automatically installed at no charge. If you would prefer to download a PTE version of this extension, please reach out to

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