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Health Check

Health Check

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Health Check

Time for your Business Central Health Check


    • Subledger to General Ledger Balance Checks
    • Check Direct Posting Status for Subledger GL Accounts
    • Cash Balance Checks
      • Show latest bank rec date per bank so they know its reconciled
      • Show outstanding / unclosed transactions as well for a more granular details
    • Cash Positions Bar Graph
    • AR Aging Grid with Late Payer Indication
    • Stale PO/SO,
      • Received and Shipped not Invoiced
      • Old Production Orders that Need to be Closed Out
      • Old Jobs that Need to be Closed Out
    • Dimensions not being populated analysis. Dimension defaults. Grid to show missing defaults. X Axis dimension 1 through 8 and Y axis rows for customers, vendors, items, etc.
    • Number series – running out of numbers. Last used number close to ending number or warning number


    • Accounting Period Analysis
      • Closed Years, Open Years, Accounting periods created.
      • Analyze what periods have been closed and if periods for current year have been created.
      • Accounting Periods have anything that is not closed your TB is not going to work
    • Posting To/From
      • Piggybacking off the last one also showing what the current post to and from settings are. Both the general and the deferral.
      • Especially if they have closed 2023 in the first bullet as an example, but still have the posting to/from as 1/1/2023..12/31/2024 or something like that that is quick to identify issues
      • Look at User Level Posting Setups
    • Posting Group Setups
      • Are all combinations or business posting group and product posting group in the setup
      • No sales accounts, no purchase accounts – 2 grids – one for sales one for purchasing


    • Item Quantity to Remaining Quantity that you mentioned below
      • Bin Contents + Warehouse Tables being out of sync with Item Ledger Entries table. Lot number trying to ship was not in the bin
    • Negative Inventory Warning from Inventory Tab on FDB
    • Age of Inventory – find the oldest inventory in your warehouse


    • Storage Capacity – Database Size Warnings – Specific Tables that are taking up a lot of space, Document Attachments, etc.
      • Sent Emails has been a major recent storage issue we are seeing
    • Exporting change log entries to excel
    • Last time user logged in vs their license level (maybe they can downsize from essentials to not needing a license)
    • User Login – first login date, penultimate date, last login date
    • Job Queues – Showing any that are in an error status or on hold and last run date
    • Currencies – When was the last time a currency exchange rate date was populated


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The AppSource download includes a 30-day evaluation license automatically installed at no charge. If you would prefer to download a PTE version of this extension, please reach out to