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ERP Connect Consulting

Rental Management

Rental Management

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Rental Management


This subscription also includes license for our other extensions:


Dispatch Management (DIS)

Distribution Control Center (DCC)

Work Order Management (WOM)

Invoice and Statement Delivery (ISD)

Advanced Notifications (ANT)

Financial Dashboard (FDB)

TimeClock (TCK)


Rental Management extension from ERP Connect Consulting offers an expansive set of functionalities to help manage your rental business. Seamlessly built inside Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, it offers extended functionality in Sales and Purchasing to handle "rental items."


Like a combination of resource, fixed asset, and item, rental items allow you to purchase fixed asset/inventory for rental, and then rent those items to clients. Those items can then be subsequently billed via our Recurring Invoicing functionality inside our Invoice and Statement Delivery (ISD) extension.

If you deliver and pick up those rental items to/from clients, you can also use our Distribution Control Center (DCC) and Dispatch Management (DIS) extension to manage the warehouse and delivery functions (extensions included in the bundle at no additional cost!) This will allow you to do the proper processing inside your warehouse, as well as route management to deliver and pick up all items, including rental items.

If you provide services for or on those rental items, you also have included our Work Order Management (WOM) extension to do both in house work orders and on location work orders. History is automatically tracked back to the individual rental unit. Work Orders can be setup on recurring schedule to automatically schedule future activities (like cleaning and maintenance). Work Order Management also includes route management to help you organize your technicians schedule.


Additional Functionality Includes:

  • Creating Rental Units (serial no. for all your rental items)
  • Work Orders for Rental Units can service 1 or many rental units on a single work order
  • View Rental History including recurring billing for rentals
  • Track Current (Last Known) location of each Rental Unit.
  • View Work Order History per Rental Unit
  • Print Rental Unit Labels with Barcodes
  • Generate Rental Unit QR Codes


Download from AppSource Access Setup and User Guide

The AppSource download includes a 30-day evaluation license automatically installed at no charge. If you would prefer to download a PTE version of this extension, please reach out to

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